Back in the day we had a few tools we used to run the game:

  1. The server itself
  2. Launcher which patched/launched the game
  3. IndexMaker which made the index file the Launcher used to determine what files were out of date

So far I have done some server cleanup and bug fixing (your days of exploiting 10 year old bugs are over!), and made the IndexMaker more friendly.  My next step is to make the Launcher easier to customize for server admins so they can have their own individual content.  It would be nice to only have one server again, but I don’t have time to host it right now.  More on that later.


After many, many years I have decided to do some more development on Blade Mistress!  Hearing that a community is still going and playing, along with me now having some more time for personal projects outside of work has got me interested in supporting the game again.  I don’t have the time to host the server, so the community will do so.  I will be opening the game up some so that the community can make its own content along with adding new features.

I’m excited!  More soon